Staff members receive President’s Award for Distinguished Service, Robin Kramer Volunteer Award

Thursday, three staff members—Kathryn Schultz, Henry Hill and Theresa Wilson—received this year’s President’s Award for Distinguished Service, while Theresa Grigger received the inaugural Robin Kramer Volunteer Award.

The annual awarding of the President’s Award for Distinguished Service honors up to three staff members whose outstanding contributions to the campus culture have a transformational effect on university colleagues, students, or visitors with whom they come into contact.

Also, this year marks the first year of The Robin Kramer Volunteer Award, which seeks to honor one Staff Advisory Council member whose volunteer service to the Staff Advisory Council and broader campus community has had a significant effect on colleagues, students or visitors with whom they came into contact.

Robin Kramer, former chair of the Staff Advisory Council and effort reporting specialist in the Office of Research Administration, passed away in 2013. A dedicated Case Western Reserve employee for 21 years, Kramer was known for her passion for serving the university and its employees. In 2005, she earned the President’s Award for Distinguished Service.

Theresa Grigger received the inaugural award.

President Barbara R. Snyder recognized the four Thursday during the university’s annual staff awards brunch. The event also honors distinguished service award winners of 10, 25, 35, 45 and 50 years of employment at Case Western Reserve.

“Every day our staff make enormous contributions to Case Western Reserve,” said President Snyder. “This year’s award winners each have advanced the university in countless ways, including through their cooperative spirits and dedication to providing the best possible experiences for the entire community. I congratulate all of them, as well as our many distinguished service winners.”

The President’s Award winners were selected from 10 nominees by the Staff Recognition Committee of the Case Western Reserve University Staff Advisory Council. The winners received a $1,000 cash award and have their names engraved into the plaque on display in the Adelbert Hall quad side foyer.

Grigger received $500 and joined the President’s Award winners at the Staff Awards Luncheon Thursday for recognition.

Kathryn Schultz

Program Administrator, Medical Scientist Training Program

Kathryn Schultz is the first person Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) applicants meet and among the last they contact as they finish the final paperwork for graduation. Schultz maintains a relationship with MSTP students throughout their time in the program by connecting them with university resources to help them succeed.

“In addition to her administrative duties, she provides a sympathetic non-faculty ear for listening to the various issues and traumas (large and small) of the current MSTP students,” one nominator wrote.

Schultz is also the first to respond when unforeseen circumstances arise.

“Kathy has an unbelievably positive outlook on everything—while somehow remaining entirely practical about how she deals with problems in an amazingly effective way,” another nominator wrote. “She is also a wonderful friend to many of the MSTP students, who often stop by just to say ‘hello,’ ask her advice on something, or maybe just eat a candy out of her jar.”

Henry Hill

Supervisor, University Movers

Most don’t consider all that’s involved in making campus events a success—or the people diligently working behind the scenes to assure that happens. During his 29 years at Case Western Reserve, Henry Hill has been the quiet, steady presence behind countless university events.

“I know if I’ve requested tables and chairs from Henry that they will be there on time as requested,” one nominator wrote. “Planning events can be stressful, and Henry’s professional attitude and calming personality really help to create a successful event.”

Hill leads a team that sets up and breaks down most events across campus. He is recognized for his quality customer service skills, even for last-minute requests.

Hill maintains a positive demeanor despite the heavy workload on him and his team. He is frequently seen travelling to and from events, leaving one nominator to wonder whether he ever takes a vacation.

“Henry always has a smile and a friendly demeanor for even the most hectic of schedules,” a nominator wrote. “Henry always accommodates, no matter what. He is there to help.”

Theresa Wilson

Department Assistant, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences—Office of the Associate Dean

For the past 34 years, Theresa Wilson has established herself as the go-to person for understanding processes at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

Her widespread contributions are evidenced by her work as managing editor of the Journal of Applied Social Sciences from 1984 to 2002. One nominator considered her work on the journal so important that it helped boost the scholarly reputation of the Mandel School and Case Western Reserve University.

“Theresa is a key person at MSASS who helps to create a powerful learning environment that has a transformational impact on all who teach, learn, discover, and work,” one nominator wrote.

In addition to her contributions to the Mandel School, Wilson also has improved the overall work environment of the campus community through her dedication to the Staff Advisory Council, the University Grievance Committee and the MSASS Work Environment Committee.

“Theresa Wilson has stood out as the staff member whose always-cheerful disposition, strong work ethic and commitment to helping others best exemplifies excellence in service,” a nominator wrote.

Robin Kramer SAC Volunteer Award

 Theresa Grigger

Department Assistant, ITS Design

Theresa Grigger’s contributions to the Staff Advisory Council since 1995 have made a difference well beyond the Case Western Reserve University campus. Grigger has been involved in several major projects on the Community Service Committee that have benefitted Cleveland-area community.

“Her tireless efforts have raised thousands of dollars for local charities,” her nominator wrote.

Grigger was a founding member of Case for Community Day, the largest volunteer effort on campus, which has earned the university the Higher Education Community Service Award for five years.

She also helped to establish the “Steps 4 Staff” program, an annual walk around campus, which encourages staff wellness and supports the Staff Educational Enhancement Fund. In addition, she has been the driving force behind the Community Basket Raffle for many years.

“Theresa is able to use her enthusiasm and caring to motivate others to get excited and participate in events,” her nominator wrote. “She truly ‘wears her heart on her sleeve’ when it comes to helping others.”