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SPSS/AMOS Version 28 now available in [U]Tech Software Center

University Technology [U]Tech has upgraded SPSS/AMOS to version 28 in the Software Center. This upgrade delivers a new annual license that will expire July 31, 2022. Faculty and staff can order “SPSS 28 Premium Campus Edition – Faculty/Staff 2021-2022 (Expires 7/31/2022)” for $146 per license using a department speedtype account. Students can order “SPSS 28 Premium Campus Edition – Students 2021-2022 (Expires 7/31/2022)” for $109 using a personal credit card.

Faculty and staff who want to continue using the previous version, SPSS 27, can place an order for “SPSS 27 Premium Campus Edition – Faculty/Staff (RENEWAL ONLY) 2021-2022.” Those who want to take advantage of this option are required to have SPSS 27 installed on their computer when ordering this renewal license. The renewal license option is not available for students.

Visit the [U]Tech Software Center to place an order.