Photo of Yuliang (Bill) Ding posing for photo and making an O and an L with his hands

Spartan Showcase: Yuliang (Bill) Ding

Photo of Yuliang (Bill) Ding posing for photo and making an O and an L with his hands

Major: Biomedical engineering (biomaterials track)
Minors: Chemistry; Polymer Science & Engineering
Year in program: Class of 2021 (senior)
Hometown: Shanghai, China

Three years ago, Yuliang (Bill) Ding’s orientation leader made an indelible impression, helping the then-new student adjust after he had just arrived in the United States from Shanghai for his first year as a Case Western Reserve University student.

“Though we came from different sides of the world, his passion and friendliness overcame the cultural barrier and made me feel like home,” Ding said. 

To pay it forward, Ding applied to be an orientation leader as a sophomore and is now heading into his third year in the role. And if his peers’ praise is any indication, Ding has made new students feel at home just as his orientation leader did. Ding received Outstanding New OL during his first year in the role and Outstanding Returning OL Award last year, two peer-nominated honors.

This year, Ding looks forward to once again serving as a resource for new students, even though he knows it will be a trying time for many. Among the advice he shared for new students, he said: “The Discover Week is the best time for you to transform to college life and claim independence … This brand new world will be a lot of fun, regardless of remote or in-person.” 

But Ding’s involvements on campus don’t end once the school year starts. In addition to work in a tissue engineering lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, he also is a volunteer with the Church of the Covenant and president of Global Health Design Collaborative.

Heading into his final year at CWRU, Ding said he is looking forward to what comes next: “As a senior, it feels amazing for me to get closer and closer to my goals.”