Photo of Kareem Agag posing at a landmark

Spartan Showcase: Kareem Agag

Class Year: 2020
Area of Study: Dual Major: Environmental Studies and Economics

What’s your favorite thing about Case Western Reserve?

Aside from the people and their diversity of backgrounds which is rightfully often praised, I think the many opportunities offered at this University are still largely overlooked. In my experience, there is a prevailing “anything is possible mentality” that is present when a problem is approached or an idea is thought of, and people are willing to help and provide their expertise.

About Kareem

Photo of Kareem Agag posing at a landmark

In the summer of 2019, Kareem and a small group of other students traveled to Jawhar, India, after receiving the Projects for Peace grant.

As a Great Lakes Energy Institute Fellow, Kareem has always been interested in renewable energy, specifically microgrids. The grant allowed him to turn his research project into a reality by bringing electricity and clean water to schools in the small villages of Jawhar.

Kareem and his team worked to implement their project titled Solar Energy to Impact Quality of Life, which aimed to provide the schools of Jawhar with the basic human necessities in accordance with the United Nations sustainable development goals. The primary goal was to provide non-intermittent clean energy, via solar power, to the community school and enable the community to operate and maintain the electricity infrastructure.

After five weeks, the team successfully completed the project. Kareem hopes his contribution will lead to a more modern and complete education for the children of Jawhar, which will also encourage students to pursue a higher level of education.

Aside from impacting the lives of people across the world, Kareem has been heavily involved in the Case Western Reserve University community on campus. He serves as the director of finance for the Food Recovery Network, a committee member for the Undergraduate Student Government, a member of the SpaceX Hyperloop team and has completed multiple research projects on campus.