Spartan Showcase: Jeffrey Klein

Class Year: Third-year/expected graduation of May 2021
Program: Chemical and biomolecular engineering PhD program
What’s your favorite thing about CWRU? “I like the Jolly Scholar because it’s a good place to relax after a long day/week of work.”

About Jeffrey Klein

Photo of Jeffrey Klein

Jeffrey Klein was one of 49 graduate students in the country selected for the 2019 Solicitation 1 cycle for the Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program. As a result, he will conduct some of his thesis work from January through June at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, which is “one of two user facilities with the capability of performing neutron reflectivity measurements.” During his time at the Department of Energy lab, Klein will work to “identify the influence of intermolecular interactions on the formation of the ionic liquid-electrode interface as it varies with electrode potential which will be met by using the experimental technique called neutron reflectivity.” Here at Case Western Reserve University, Klein works in the lab of Burcu Gurkan, assistant professor of chemical engineering.