Spartan Showcase: Dallas McDonald

Dallas McDonald

Class Year: 2022
Area of Study: Biology and economics majors; chemistry and music minors

Today is Dr. Seuss Day—so what can we learn from the famed children’s author?

“We shouldn’t take life too seriously.”
“We’ll get where we’re meant to be.”
And, “A little imagination goes a long way.”

Those are just some of the philosophies Dallas McDonald has taken from Dr. Seuss’ books. McDonald, who is studying The Cat in the Hat in Lecturer Cara Byrnes’ class, “From Dr. Seuss to Wild Things: Radical Children’s Literature”—says there is more to learn. “Through my research, I hope to explain why Dr. Seuss’ work has an impact on young children and their literacy development, rather than just being stories about talking animals and rhyming words.” And like so many, he grew up being inspired by Dr. Seuss’ books to find his drive in life and “go for it.” “Being socially responsible for those things that drive you is what turns a group of people into a community, and in my opinion, gives meaning to life.” McDonald is driven to get into medical school after graduation. He hopes to pursue emergency medicine or pediatrics, where he can share his love for Dr. Seuss with a new generation of children.