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SOURCE announces December Intersections: Poster Competition winners

Support of Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) has announced the winners of the Intersections: SOURCE Poster Award competition held in December.

Arts poster competition

  • First place: Merit Glover, “Dramatizing America’s National Parks.” Faculty mentor: David Vegh, Department of Theater.

Engineering poster competition

  • First place (tie): Stephanie Huang, “Enzyme-triggered Release of Hemostatic Augmenting Drugs to Treat Trauma.” Faculty mentor: Anirban Sen Gupta, Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • First place (tie): Amanda Noonan, Alex Pietros and Martin Domondon, “Reusable Acute Diagnostic Pulse-oximeter.” Faculty mentor: John Gibbons, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Second place (tie): Melanie Chetverikova, Akhil Bheemreddy, David Garyantes, Zohair Khan and Sanjana Singh, “Reducing Sharps Container Related Hazards in the Operating Room.” Faculty mentor: Matthew Williams and Colin Drummond, Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Second place (tie): Alan Dogan, “Soil Mobility of Tobacco Mild Green Mosaic Virus for the Delivery of Pesticides to Plant Parasitic Nematodes.” Faculty mentor: Nicole Steinmetz, Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Second place (tie): Sarah Eberth, Dean Zou and Valentino Bagnoli, “High-efficiency, Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine.” Faculty mentor: Mario Garcia-Sanz, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Nursing poster competition

  • First place: Jackson Currie, “The influence of dietary magnesium intake on depressive symptoms.” Faculty mentor: Allison Webel, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

Natural sciences poster competition

  • First place (tie): Nicholas Barendregt, “Heteroclinic Cycling in Discrete Population Models.” Faculty mentor: Peter Thomas, Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
  • First place (tie): Ellen Kendall, “Mechanistic Insight into Liposarcoma Progression.” Faculty mentor: Sarah Bagby, Department of Biology.
  • Second place (tie): Emma Bouck, “Cadherin 6 (Cdh6) is required for thrombus formation in vivo.” Faculty mentor: Marvin Nieman, Department of Pharmacology.
  • Second place (tie): Devin Reddy, “Novel Cyto-Protective Compounds Rescuing Cells from Bax-Induced Cell Death.” Faculty mentor: Shigemi Matsuyama, Department of Pharmacology.
  • Second place (tie): Matthew Thompson, “A Kinase Inhibitor That Reverses Huntington’s Disease Phenotypes.” Faculty mentor: Drew Adams, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences.

Social sciences poster competition

  • First place: Dalton Hennes, “A Study of Rehumanization as a Response to Dehumanization.” Faculty mentor: Anthony Jack, Department of Philosophy.
  • Second place: Rachel Weisbecker, “Early Family and Academic Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation vs. Attempts in Late Adolescence.” Faculty mentor: Arin Connell, Department of Psychological Sciences.

Winners will be recognized at the Academic Awards Assembly hosted by Undergraduate Studies.