Close up photo of a person holding a book open to read it

Sociology’s Heather McKee Hurwitz speaks about themes in her book Are We the 99%?

Heather McKee Hurwitz, lecturer in the Department of Sociology, has been speaking across the country about the themes in her new book, Are We the 99%?, including intersectionality, contemporary protest, the Occupy movement and its legacies, and the current moment of protest—including responding to the Black Lives Matter movement, the transition to the Biden administration and the groundbreaking new leadership of Vice President Kamala Harris. 

McKee Hurwitz has appeared on the KKUP The Wimmin’s Music Program in Santa Cruz, California, Shelley Irwin’s program on WGVU, a PBS and NPR affiliate, 95.3 / 88.5 FM Grand Rapids, Michigan, Burt Cohen’s Keeping Democracy Alive podcast and radio show in New Hampshire and on Pacifica stations across the U.S. and global outposts, and many more in between. 

Also, her book was featured at the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) National Winter Meeting Book Salon titled “Legacies of Women’s Protest.” 

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