Photo of Heather Hurwitz

Sociology’s Heather McKee Hurwitz explores the dynamics of diversity and activism in new book

Photo of Heather Hurwitz

Heather McKee Hurwitz, lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the College of Arts and Sciences, recently had a book published titled Are We the 99%?: The Occupy Movement, Feminism, and Intersectionality. Through the book, she explored inequality, activism and intersectional feminism amidst radical social change.

In a novel examination of the women, people of color and LGBTQ+ artists who actively participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Hurwitz offered insight into first-hand experiences of minorities at the front lines of the movement. Drawing from other contemporary protest movements, Hurwitz described the significance of an “intersectional imperative” in social movements as a vehicle for embracing diversity and inclusivity. 

Are We the 99%? will be published by Temple University Press on Dec. 30.

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