Social Justice Institute announces research fellows

The Social Justice Institute announced the inaugural faculty, graduate and undergraduate research fellows. The institute established this grant-mining fund for seeding faculty and student research that advances social justice work from humanistic inquiry to action research.

These grants were created to support proposals that seek to develop interdepartmental, multi-school or campus-community collaborative initiatives. Grants were awarded to faculty for research and course re-design, and to students as research fellowships

The recipients are:

  • Kelly McMann, associate professor of political science;
  • Timothy Black, associate professor of sociology;
  • Daniel Lacks, the C. Benson Branch Professor of Chemical Engineering;
  • Allison Schlosser, a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology;
  • Yan Zhang, first-year graduate student in the Department of Medical Anthropology; and
  • Suneil Kamath, sophomore business management major.

To learn more about the recipients and their research, visit the Social Justice Institute’s website,