Six students, SAGES lecturer to present in Toronto on literary journalism studies

A multidisciplinary group of students will present at the seventh International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto May 17–19. The theme of this year’s conference is “Literary Journalism: The Power and Promise of Story.”

The students—Alexis Parisi, Nicholas Rossi, Lisa Viers, Indira Samuels, Bryden Spevak and Anthony Gatti—will offer a “reverse-pedagogy” analysis of their experience in the Literary Journalism in America SAGES course. Their panel, titled “Reading True Stories: Undergraduate Experiences with Literary Journalism,” was named the President’s Panel and will be introduced by Alice Donat Trindade of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal.

During the panel, moderated by SAGES lecturer Joshua M. Roiland, students will cover the ways in which studying literary journalism has impacted their reading and writing in other classes; their critical opinions on the efficacy of canonical literary journalism texts; the paradoxical role social media plays in both the propagation and potential decline of literary journalism; and the objectivity/subjectivity debate, one of the key issues for the future of literary journalism study.