Maltz Performing Arts Center exterior at night
Maltz Performing Arts Center

Silver Hall Concert Series: Lalit Subramanian

The next Silver Hall Concert Series event will feature Lalit Subramanian, Sunday, Oct. 27, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. at the at the Milton and Tamar Maltz Performing Arts Center.

Tickets are free, but required. Reserve your tickets.

About the performance

“Music of South India” is a performance rooted in the rich tradition of South Indian Classical Music, also known as Carnatic Music. This form of classical music is an expression of the ancient heritage of India through its rich repertoire of compositions created over many centuries. Although the origin of the grammar of Carnatic Music can be traced back to as long ago as 200 BCE, this form of music has evolved over many centuries through contribution by many great composers and performers. Today this music exists as a beautiful confluence of the historical, the ancestral, and the personal.

Carnatic Music has two main aspects, namely, composed music and improvised music. A typical Carnatic Music concert is an aesthetic synthesis of these two aspects. “Music of South India” will take the audience through a journey of the sounds of Carnatic Music, comprising of the performance of a repertoire of various old and new Carnatic compositions, as well as the application of extempore improvisation in the context of these compositions. This will be performed by a typical Carnatic Music ensemble consisting of a vocalist, a violinist and a drummer. The performance will be peppered with commentary on each piece.