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Starting in spring 2023, Dr. Kristyen Tomcik will offer NTRN 370: Metabolic, Health and Nutrition Assessments, which combines didactic instruction with hands-on lab experience. This course is meant for non-nutrition majors, so please share with your friends in other majors!

Junior status AND one of these nutrition classes: 201, 401, 363, 433, 362, 388, OR
Junior status and BIOL 216, OR Junior status and PHED 341, OR instructor permission.

Course Description:
Genetics, nutrient availability, environmental and behavioral factors influence an individual’s internal metabolic environment or their ‘metabolic health’. Although there is no one universally accepted definition of ‘metabolic health’, a large body of data demonstrate that longevity, successful aging, well-being and disease risk throughout life is significantly impacted by one’s metabolic health. This class combines traditional classroom lectures, case studies, discussions and ‘hands-on” skill building labs to learn the validated assessment and screening procedures to assess metabolic health, nutritional status and fitness. Some included topics are body composition, determining energy requirements, hydration and fitness assessments, vitamin/mineral status, using validated screening and malnutrition assessment tools, omega-3 testing, interpreting clinical laboratory data, and a comprehensive review of bogus health tests. This is an excellent class for students interested in a career as a future health care professional.