Seven faculty members receive CTSC Core Utilization Awards

Seven faculty members have received Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) Core Utilization Awards so far this year. The awards support investigator use of and familiarity with CTSC Core operations and personnel, in anticipation of applications for external funding using CTSC resources.

The following individuals received awards for their projects:

  • Derek Abbott, assistant professor of pathology, for “Transcriptomics to Identify Biomarkers of Successful RIP2 Kinase Inhibition in Inflammatory Disease”
  • Stephen Fink, instructor of medicine, for “Mechanisms of Vitamin D Resistance in Colon Cancer”
  • Kishore Guda, assistant professor of general medical sciences, for “Characterizing the Biological Role of GALNT12 Gene in Colon Tumor Pathogenesis”
  • John O’Toole, assistant professor of medicine, for “Transgenic Murine Expression of Human APOL1 with and without Kidney Disease Risk Variants in the Podocyte”
  • Cheryl Thompson, assistant professor of family medicine and community health, for “Sleep, Genetic Variants in Circadian Rhythm Genes and Breast Cancer”
  • Saba Valadkhan, assistant professor of general medical sciences, for “Analysis of the Proteome of a Long Non-coding RNA and its Impact on Gene Expression”
  • Sichun Yang, assistant professor of general medical sciences, for “Mass Spectrometry Analyses of Human Estrogen Receptor Alpha Samples Modified by Anti-Cancer Drugs”

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