Seminar series shows how to use High Performance Computing Cluster

Weekly seminars are now being held to show how to use the High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) optimally. There are no prerequisites for the seminars. Information about this seminar has been posted online.

Attendees can bring their own laptops for interactive sessions. No registration is required. Refreshments will be served.

An advanced series is scheduled to begin in October or November.

Sept. 21: Introduction to MATLAB (Adelbert Hall, M1, 2-4 p.m.)

This introduces new or intermediate users to using Matlab on the cluster. Matlab is a comprehensive general math application with its own simple coding language that can provide a faster learning curve to resolving a relatively complex simulation. This session covers basic MATLAB functionalities and how to submit MATLAB jobs in HPC cluster.

Sept. 28: Parallel Programming Fundamentals (Adelbert Hall, M1, 2-4 p.m.)

This introduces new programmers to parallel computing by simply pointing out that adding a few lines to your code can speed it up multiple times. Some other discussions include: the compiler optimization, avoiding cache collisions, utilizing memory bandwidth, using optimized libraries and understanding the underlying hardware better to help improve your code performance.