Seeking Climate Change Focus Group participants

We are seeking CWRU members to participate in a 90 minute focus group on climate change. Knowledge of climate change and sustainability is unnecessary. Your perspectives and opinions are what interest our project.

Please complete this form to tell us your availability:

Lunch will be provided, and a gift card will be offered as a token of our appreciation. If you are selected we will reach back out and schedule you for our on-campus focus groups.

This focus group study will take place on campus and each focus group will include 5-8 campus members like yourself. During the focus group we will ask a range of questions, which are pretty straightforward. We will also ask some background questions, such as where were you born? All in all the focus group will take about an hour and a half to complete. When we write our report, we will not share your name, only your answers. At the end of the study, we will share our results with you if you are interested.