Science Café takes guests to prehistoric South America; location changes to Market Garden Brewery

On Aug. 8, Science Café Cleveland presents “The Most Incredible Animal Park You Have Never Seen: A Trip To Prehistoric South America.” Darin Croft, assistant professor in the Department of Anatomy, will guide guests through ancient game parks, focusing on the strange mammals that once roamed South America. Attendees will discuss the extreme variety of living mammals, finding and collecting the fossilized bones of extinct mammals, and using information from living mammals to understand the lifestyles of extinct ones.

The discussion will take place at Market Garden Brewery (1947 W. 25th St.) Aug. 8, with drinks beginning at 6:30 p.m. and the discussion beginning around 7 p.m. The location has changed due to the remodeling of the Tasting Room at Great Lakes Brewing Co., where Science Café Cleveland has been held for the past four years.

The event is sponsored by the Case Western Reserve University chapter of Sigma Xi, WCPN ideastream and the Market Garden Brewery. For more information, click here.