Science Café Cleveland: “How to Live in the Greenest Way Possible”

While many have a desire to protect the environment and lead healthy lives free from pollution, the path to a sustainable world is not too straightforward. Some choices we make in our well-meaning efforts may actually be harmful.

Should we all buy electric cars or reusable water bottles labeled “BPA-free”? Is it better for the environment to buy disposable diapers or reusable ones? Should we try to live in ways as close as possible to our hunter-gatherer ancestors? Companies have seized upon this desire to live environmentally friendly lives to try to sell us the next “green” product, but how do we know if what is being offered is really better for the environment?

In this month’s Science Café Cleveland presentation, Kurt Rhoads, the George B. Mayer Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Studies, will discuss some examples of purposefully confusing “greenwashing” marketing, and propose ways to separate decisions that are actually good from the environment from the imposters.

Rhoads’ talk, titled “How to Live in the Greenest Way Possible,” will be held today (July 8) from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Music Box Supper Club Concert Hall (1148 Main Ave.).

Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and limited menu options will be available for purchase. A chairlift is available by request.

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