Rendering of the planet Mars partially obscured by darkness

Science Café Cleveland: “Fetching Samples from Mars”

Perseverance Rover recently landed in an ancient lakebed on Mars. Its mission is to collect rock and soil samples, and to place these in strategic locations for a future mission to return them to Earth.

This month’s Science Café Cleveland, titled “Fetching Samples from Mars,” will provide an overview of the combined effort between NASA and the European Space Agency to bring those samples home. Vivake Asnani, Mars Spring Tire lead engineer, and Yajaira Sierra-Sastre, Mars Spring Tire Project manager—both at the NASA Glenn Research Center—will detail these efforts during their presentation Monday, April 12, at 7 p.m.

The effort will involve the use of a small-but-highly-mobile rover, nicknamed “Fetch,” which will be the first Mars rover to use flexible tires known as “spring tires,” jointly invented in the Cleveland area by NASA and Goodyear.

This talk will cover benefits and challenges of this innovative technology in the context of the current Mars mission, future missions, as well as here on Earth. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Science Café Cleveland will be online this month. Get the Zoom link through the Facebook event page.