brain waves on paper

Science Café Cleveland: “Electrical Stimulation & Virtual Environments for Neuro-Rehabilitation”

Neurological injuries such as stroke and cerebral palsy are top causes of lifelong disability for millions of people worldwide. Even after conventional care, many people with stroke and cerebral palsy cannot use their hands for activities of daily living. Functional electrical stimulation and virtual environments can work in concert to facilitate motor recovery for people with hand impairment. There is also potential to better understand and more effectively deliver electrical stimulation assistance during therapy to maximize the rehabilitation of participant’s volitional effort and prevent non-use of the partially-paralyzed hand.

This month’s Science Café Cleveland talk will feature Michael Fu, the Timothy E. and Allison L. Schroeder Assistant Professorship in Computer and Data Sciences, who will discuss his work in this area.

The talk on “Electrical Stimulation & Virtual Environments for Neuro-Rehabilitation” will be held Monday, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

Check the Facebook event page for Zoom details.