Schubert Center for Child Studies seeks full-time postdoctoral scholar

The Schubert Center for Child Studies is seeking a full-time postdoctoral scholar to contribute to the Center’s community-based research initiatives on the development of values and socio-emotional growth in childhood. The mission of the Schubert Center is to bridge research, practice, policy and education to improve the well-being of children and adolescents.

The postdoctoral scholar will work directly with the Schubert Center’s Director and Research Director on center-initiated research on children and adolescents in collaboration with university and community partners. The postdoctoral scholar will also have the opportunity to research and evaluate the afterschool education programs for disadvantaged youth in collaboration with a local organization. It is expected that the post-doctoral scholar will develop content expertise and a publication track-record based on this experience.

For more information, visit the Schubert Center website or contact Lisa Kollins at