School of Medicine’s new program earns state scholarship support

Choose Ohio First will provide scholarships to the School of Medicine Systems Biology and Bioinformatics MS and PhD graduate students from 2012-2017, under the Ohio Board of Regents Choose Ohio First Scholarship Programs of Innovation. The Systems Biology and Bioinformatics graduate program is the first of its kind in Ohio.

The School of Medicine requested $470,000 in scholarships for the program, a total that will support 100 students. The scholarships are renewable.

Based in the School of Medicine, with the Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics as its administrative home, the faculty cohort will include faculty from multiple departments and schools, and the fundamental core competencies for this program will include: genes and proteins; bioinformatics; and quantitative analysis and modeling. The Systems Biology and Bioinformatics graduate program will train researchers to integrate systems biology with bioinformatics to solve complex medical problems and be the biomedical research leaders of the future.

Systems biology represents a new scientific concept of increasing importance to biology and medicine. This new science attempts to understand the integration of individual pieces of biological systems into networks, complexes and the biological organizations critical to cellular and organism functions and development, both normal and in disease. Bioinformatics represents a set of computational approaches to data analysis; the marriage of computational and quantitative thinking in the context of biological integration is a foundational principle of this program.

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