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School of Medicine’s Ash Sehgal weighs in on contact tracing and concerns over Ohio’s capacity to handle coronavirus surges

Health leaders weigh in on expanded testing, contact tracing

WEWS-5 (ABC Cleveland): Ash Sehgal, a professor of medicine, discussed the merits of contact tracing in light of Ohio’s efforts to re-open, but also noted that the state has limited capacity to handle a surge in cases; for example, Sehgal said that the state’s current pace of 300 new cases per day realistically creates a situation where 42,000 people would need to be traced, if each new COVID patient interacted with 10 others: “I think it’s a very careful, slow and thoughtful plan that’s going to minimize the risk of having a surge of infections in Ohio, but I think it would have been better to wait until a little bit later in the month until the cases were under control.”