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School of Medicine students, faculty and staff honored at 2020 graduation ceremony

Class of 2020 graduates, faculty and staff were selected for awards by the School of Medicine. Their honors are listed below.

The Academy of Medicine Education Foundation Award

  • DaShawn Hickman

 The Henry I. Perlmutter Award

  • Robert Unger

The Herbert S. Steuer Memorial Award

  • Yanzhi Yang

The William D. Holden Award in Surgery

  • Norah Zaza

The Betty Jean Fratianne, MD, Student Award

  • DaShawn Hickman

The John Phillips Award

  • Christina Snider

The Evans-Machlup Award

  • Jonathan Barko

The Ellen and Irving Rothchild Medical Student Award

  • Brittany Goldstein

The Senior Prize in Obstetrics, Gift of Edwin C. Garvin, MD

  • Kelsey Goon

The CWRU Medical Alumni Association Award

  • Charles de Leeuw

The Ted Castele Award for Civic Professionalism

  • Matthew Abbott

The Donald E. Minch, MD, Memorial Award

  • Emily Li

The American Academy of Neurology Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology

  • Divya Palanisamy

The Department of Neurology Award

  • Nathaniel Fox

The Cleveland Clinic Pathology and Laboratory Award (CCLCM)

  • John McAfee

The Northeast Ohio Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society Scholar Award

  • Emily Zhang

The Senior Award for Excellence in Neuroscience (Sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute)

  • Brittany Goldstein
  • Faez Syed

The American Academy of Neurology Award (CCLCM)

  • Kaitlin Keenan

The Senior Award for Excellence in Psychiatry (Sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute)

  • Sarah Eddington
  • Caroline Franke
  • Brittany Goldstein

The Alice Paige Cleveland Prize

  • Lestella Bivens
  • Erin Lebold

The William Bligh-Glover, MD, Memorial Award

  • Alexandra McMillan

The Committee of Student Representatives (CSR) Outstanding Graduating Medical Student Award

  • Janet Adegboye

The Harry Resnick Memorial Fund Award

  • Cameron Beau Hilton
  • Anthony James
  • Sagar Rambhia
  • Tolu Rosanwo

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Faculty Award

  • Christopher Longenecker, MD

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Student Award

  • Allison Yip

Excellence in Public Health Award

  • Radhika Rastogi

The Gender Equity Award

  • Christine Moravec, PhD

The Gender Equity Award

  • Arsalan Derakhshan, MD

The Women Faculty of the SOM Humanistic Values in Medicine Award

  • Cosette Kathawa

The Department of Pediatrics Award

  • Jana Jaffe

The Henry F. Saunders Award in Pediatrics

  • Mandar Kulkarni

 The Albert L. Lewin Award

  • Madison Keenan
  • Mary Teresczuk

The Robert E. Hermann, MD, Award in Surgery in the Department of General Surgery at Cleveland Clinic (CCLCM)

  • Sara Maskal

The Dean’s Award – The Office of Student Affairs

  • Nick Wolfe

The Dean’s Award – The Office of Student Affairs (CCLCM)

  • John McAfee

The Sam Packer, MD, Memorial Award

  • Elisabeth Wynia

The American College of Emergency Physicians Award

  • Anthony James

The Gita Gidwani, MD, Award for Obstetricians and Gynecologists Award (CCLCM)

  • Erika Lampert

The Andrew J. Fishleder, MD, Leadership Award (CCLCM)

  • Janet Adegboye
  • Cameron Beau Hilton

The Ivan E. Shalit Prize

  • Joseph Tanenbaum
  • Catherine Wang

The Myron F. Kanter and Lawrence J. Kanter Endowment Fund Award

  • Brad Rosinski

The Daniel E. Sweeney Award in Family Medicine (Sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Medicine Institute)

  • Andrew Augustine

The Senior Award for Excellence in Pediatrics (Sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and Pediatrics Institute)

  • James Pierce

Ohio Chapter of the American College of Physicians Award

  • Albert Feeny
  • Catherine Wang

The Max Miller Award

  • Christian Anderson
  • Anna Henry Borton

The Lawrence R. John, MD (’77) and Martha D. John (’78) Award in Primary Care

  • Michelle Disher
  • Nisha Gupta

The James S. Winshall, MD, 1992 Memorial Award

  • James Pierce

The Alfred S. Maschke Award

  • Kelsey Goon
  • Kaitlin Keenan
  • Richard Lee
  • Katherine Morrow

The Martin Wahl Memorial Fund Award

  • Joseph Rathkey

The Minerva and Carl Wiggers Prize in Physiology

  • Michael Glidden

The Robert M. Eiben, MD, Endowment Fund Award

  • Monica Spitzer

The David Victor Lee Student Award

  • Austin Le

The Miriam Rosenthal Award for Excellence in Women’s Mental Health

  • Katherine Willie

The Helen and Leland Schubert Prize in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Anna Buttlaire