School of Dental Medicine offers special teen braces program

Your teenager might be among the 200 youths who qualify for Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine’s 2012 braces program to receive discounted orthodontic services.

The on-campus dental clinic offers a full range of orthodontic services.

The program will accommodate 200 youths between the ages of 10 and 16, who will become patients of incoming orthodontic residents. These residents have earned their dental degrees and are working toward specializations in orthodontics.

Each potential patient must participate in a dental exam to assess needs and to form a treatment plan. A resident under the supervision of experienced orthodontists will execute that plan. Screenings will begin in February and continue through April. Treatment begins in late summer and fall after the arrival of the orthodontic residents.

Patients benefit from some of the latest research in the field, as well as new treatment options including three-dimensional diagnostic tools.

The cost of orthodontic treatment is $3,100 ($2,900 if paid in advance). The dental clinic offers extended payment plans for qualifying patients who meet the criteria for the program and are able to have their teeth corrected within the 30-month resident training. Youths with extended orthodontic needs may require specialized treatments and can receive care through other orthodontic programs at the dental school.

To schedule a free orthodontic exam and learn more about the braces program, call 216.368.8665 or email