SAGES writing portfolio workshop

If you’re a student who has  completed or are about to finish your second University Seminar, then you’re ready to put together your SAGES writing portfolio.  

This in-person workshop will cover portfolio assembly and submission processes.  During the workshop, students will be encouraged to select portfolio papers from their SAGES classes and begin drafting the reflective essay. Please bring your laptop so you can start writing.

SAGES writing portfolios are due the semester after completion of the second University Seminar. For students who completed their second University Seminar during the fall of 2022, the due date for portfolio submission is March 1, 2023.  If you have missed a previous deadline and/or intend to graduate in the spring, you should submit your portfolio as soon as possible. Contact with any questions!

Registration via Campus Groups is appreciated, but feel free to join even if you haven’t registered.