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SAGES recognizes Celebration of Student Writing and Research winners

SAGES has announced the winning presentations from the Celebration of Student Writing and Research, held in December.

Best Class Presentation Award

  • First place: USNA 249—Restoring the Great Lakes
    • Students: Walter Ballard, Caitlin Campbell, Brian Eckert, Shota Nemoto and William Warren
    • Instructor: Glenn Oldenbrett
  • Second place: FSSY 183—E-Lit: Digital Spaces and New Media
    • Students: Harrison Bloom, Abby Bukovinszky, Colin Crago, Ashlyn Cummins, Leah Fox, Clayton Goertemiller, Britta Harbury, Maximilian Hewit, Kalan Hurdle, Penelope Jankoski, Zubair Mukhl, Freddie Sanabria, Akil Sirguroh, Ashlen Trapalis, Skyler Wadas, Iris Wilcox and Poorva Zope
    • Instructor: Kristine Kelly
  • Third Place: FSSO 176—Savor: The Ethics and Politics of Eating
    • Students: Kelly Emerson, Alex Fang, Andrew Ford, Karina Guevara, Gabrielle Horowitz, Sharmila Iyer, Kaylyn Johnson, Niko Kamlet, Karthik Karta, Vivian Lo, Kayla Miller, Brian Schnell, Bethany Snyder, David Suh, Fabiola Torres, Sean Twomey, Peter Wilson and Reece Eldridge
    • Instructor: Narcisz Fejes

Best Individual Research Presentation Award

  • Winner: Hudson Hu
    • Course: FSCC 100—International Student Wellness
    • Instructor: Mary Assad
  • Honorable Mention: Natalie Bick
    • Course: USNA 287P—Women and Science
    • Instructor: Barbara Burgess-Van Aken

The winners will be recognized at the Writing Program Awards Reception in April.