Rice and poke bowls now offered at BRB Café

The BRB Café in the Biomedical Research Building now is serving rice and poke bowls at its bistro section, as well as sushi rolls in the bistro GO cooler.

The following rice bowls will be offered at the station:

  • Seoul: Korean steak, kimchi slaw, citrus kale, zucchini, pickled radish, cauliflower rice, fried egg, furikake, sesame oil and gochujang sauce
  • Shanghai: crispy ginger chicken, cabbage and red pepper, spicy cucumber, crispy onion, sesame seed and ginger sauce
  • Tokyo: grilled chicken, sweet potato, citrus kale, corn, furikake and teriyaki sauce

The following poke bowls will be offered with a choice of tuna, spicy tuna or salmon:

  • Honolulu: citrus kale, pickled radish, carrot, red cabbage, seaweed salad, corn, spicy cucumber, cauliflower rice and microgreens
  • Kona: greens, edamame, kimchi slaw, crab salad, pineapple, red pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, crispy onion and microgreens

View the full Biomedical Research Building Café menu.