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Review important cyber security measures

National Cyber Security Awareness Month has come to an end, but the safety of your identity and confidential data are worthy of thought and action every day of the year, so it’s time to review important lessons of the month.

Following are some of the highlights from each of the month’s weekly themes, courtesy of the Information Security Office (ISO):

Social Engineering/Phishing Attacks

  • Learn about phishing and how attacks look and read.
  • Be cautious, never click on a suspicious attachment; forward questionable mails to
  • If you do click on something malicious, change your password, disconnect the device, back up files/data and scan for malware.

Mobile Device Security

  • Maximize device settings like screenlock, passcode/pattern/fingerprint and data encryption.
  • Install apps such as Lookout, Duo Mobile, Google Device Policy and Find My iPhone.
  • Make regular data backups and check device for hacks, malware or ransomware.

Personal Security Audit

  • Keep your CWRU email account secure by doing a Google Security Checkup.
  • Check your financial accounts regularly; consider a credit monitoring service or credit freeze.
  • Change your passwords if they are easy to guess or repeated over multiple sites.

Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication

  • Add another layer of security to your CWRU sign-ins with Duo Security.
  • Besides your login name and password, you’ll be prompted to enter a unique code generated by a Duo Mobile app on your smart phone.
  • Support is available on the ISO site including an overview to training videos.

Visit the ISO site ( for full details on each subject, as well as the latest security news impacting the CWRU community.

Follow these guidelines to be cyber safe and cyber secure all throughout the year.