Review health and safety reminders

The health and safety of our campus community continue to be of utmost importance. Here are some important reminders as we begin the spring semester.

COVID-19 health protocols

Wear a mask.

Masks are required indoors and outdoors on campus, unless you are alone in a room with a closed door (e.g. an individual office).

Follow occupancy limits.

Adhere to posted occupancy limits in common areas and maintain the appropriate social distance of at least six feet apart whenever possible.

Keep your hands clean.

The Centers for Disease Control provides extensive guidance on handwashing; among its key recommendations are to wash your hands for no fewer than 20 seconds (about the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice), and if using hand sanitizer, make sure it has at least 60% alcohol.

Complete your daily health assessment.

As part of the university’s efforts to maintain the health and well-being of the Case Western Reserve community, all faculty, staff and students working or attending classes on campus must complete this three-question health assessment form before coming to campus each day. Find your health assessment online and on the Guardian app.

Do not move furniture in buildings.

Furniture on campus has been strategically placed to follow physical distancing guidelines. For example, do not move tables closer together or add chairs to tables to accommodate more people.

Eat in designated areas only. 

In Samson Pavilion, designated eating areas are the courtyard, 4th-floor student commons (for students) and the faculty/staff lounge. Faculty and staff may also eat when alone in a designated workspace or office. Eating in classrooms is not permissible.

Get updates and review resources.

Visit University Health and Counseling Services for COVID-19 updates and to learn more about available resources.

Other safety reminders

Prevent fires. 

Open flames are not permitted in the building outside of designated lab space. Please do not light candles or use any device that generates a flame. 

Send maintenance requests or facilities emergencies to CBRE.

As a reminder, maintenance requests or facilities emergencies are handled by CBRE, the management company for the building. You can also submit a work order online or call the 24/7 Facilities Service Call Center at 855.240.0142 and follow the prompts. For tracking purposes, please use the phone number listed instead of calling CBRE staff directly.