people listening to a workshop

Retirement Educational Seminars: Spring 2020

Representatives from TIAA and Vanguard will conduct a series of retirement-education seminars this spring for faculty and staff members. Registration is required for some of the seminars.

All seminars will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on the following dates and locations:

Halfway There: A Retirement Check-Up (TIAA)

Thursday, March 12, in Crawford Hall, Room 720

The workshop leader will provide information to help you assess where you are on the path to reaching your financial goals and how to help get back on track if you’re behind. Through this workshop, you will obtain knowledge on the amount of savings you may need to reach your retirement income goals, how different investment options can work together to help you pursue retirement goals and items that may be competing for your retirement savings today and how to reallocate to pursue the life you envision tomorrow.

Register to attend the Halfway There seminar.

Create Your Plan (Vanguard)

Wednesday, March 18, in Adelbert Hall, Toepfer Room

Retiring when and how you want will largely depend on how much you save and how you invest that money. Attend this meeting and find out what you need to know to save and invest wisely. Pre-registration is not required.

Getting on Track for Retirement (Vanguard)

Thursday, March 19, in Crawford Hall, Room 720

Are you within a decade or two of retiring? If you are and want to know whether your savings are on track, this meeting is for you. You’ll walk away with a better picture of where you stand, as well as practical ideas for how to get on track if you haven’t saved enough. Pre-registration is not required.

Financial Freedom (Vanguard)

Thursday, April 2, in Adelbert Hall, Toepfer Room

Looking for ways to bring your financial life under control? This meeting will teach you how to pay down credit-card debt, set up an emergency fund and save for a comfortable retirement. Pre-registration is not required.

Money at Work II (TIAA)

Thursday, April 16, in Crawford Hall, Room 720

Is your savings strategy on the right track? This interactive workshop covers the importance of maximizing potential investment growth while minimizing risk, as well as investing options for managing more complex finances.

Register to attend Money at Work II.