Close-up photo of a woman unrolling a yoga mat

Restoration Yoga

Each week during the semester, Covenant Student Ministries offers students, staff and faculty the opportunity to connect their mind, body and spirit through yoga. The sessions are free, open to all and require no previous yoga experience. Led by trained yoga instructor Katie Nabors, the next session will be Friday, Feb. 23, at 4 p.m. in the Connection Center at the Church of the Covenant.

The pressures of daily life can lead to burnout and sabotage personal health and well-being. Emotional balance can make it possible to manage emotions, as well as to have a realistic and positive personal outlook, view of others and understanding of circumstances. It also helps individuals feel equipped to deal with the stressors that life throws their way. The implementation of a regular and mindful breathing practice can slow down the mind and tap into forgiveness, gratefulness, compassion, kindness and open-mindedness.

Equipment will be provided for those without yoga mats. This class is inclusive of all people regardless of faith.

For more information, contact Kevin Lowry, chaplain and director of Covenant Student Ministries, at