Researchers Dan Ma and Chaitra Badve earn accolade for abstract on MRF scans for infant imaging

An abstract by Dan Ma, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, Chaitra Badve associate professor of radiology, and their co-authors was highlighted as one of the Top 100 Abstracts at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) Conference. 

Badve presented the researchers’ abstract, titled “Motion Robust MRF Scans for Non-Sedated Infant Imaging,” at the ISMRM Conference.

Their work examined how a single five-minute MRF scan can provide an output of multiple qualitative images and quantitative maps that provide superior parenchymal assessment and are more motion robust as compared to routine MRI scans which take longer time to acquire. 

They found that image quality comparison by pediatric neuroradiologists showed the MRF qualitative images had superior image quality as compared to routine MRI images.