Researchers at CWRU are interested in how people describe videos.

This study, being conducted by Fey Parrill (PI) of the Department of Cognitive Science, is seeking participants to answer a set of questions about your current state and yourself, watch a short video clip, do some math problems, describe the video clip, answer some more questions about yourself, and watch a second short video. The entire study will take about 30 minutes. Participants will be videotaped and will be compensated for their time.

To participate you must 18 years of age or older, a native speaker of English or have native fluency, and be willing to be videotaped. If you choose to participate for course extra credit, the instructor of the course will not know anything about your participation except that you took part in the study for course extra credit. Should you choose to withdraw, or choose not to participate in the study, your grade/ class standing will not be impacted in any way except that you will not earn extra credit in this way. Another method of earning extra credit will be provided for students who choose not to participate in the study but would still like to earn extra credit.
To sign up, create an account in the cognitive science experiment management system if you don’t have one:, and sign up for Spatial Description. For more information, e- mail