Researchers awarded Phase II Coulter Grant on brain tumor project

Pallavi Tiwari, research assistant professor, and Anant Madabhushi, professor of biomedical engineering, were awarded a Phase II Coulter award on their project “NeuroRadVisionTM: Image based risk assessment for presence of recurrent tumor or radiation effects on MRI” at the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) in Biomedical Engineering. Tiwari is the principal investigator and Madabhushi is the co-investigator on the project.

The $130,000 project is a continuation of the Phase I award for identifying quantitative sub-visual MRI markers to distinguish radiation necrosis from recurrent brain tumors, a challenging problem in clinical management of brain tumor patients.  Lisa Rogers, professor of neurology, Leo Wolansky, professor of radiology, and Mark Cohen, professor of pathology, serve as clinical co-investigators on the project.