Researcher from University of Geneva to give talk on memory across generations, nations

On Monday, Dec. 10, Stefano Cavalli, a visiting postdoctoral researcher from the University of Geneva, will present “Memory of history and generations: An international comparison.” The talk will focus on the international research program CEVI (“Changements et événements au cours de la vie”/”Changes and events across the life course”).

CEVI focuses on the perception that adults from different countries and various age groups have about changes in their lives and their societal environment. Three main themes are considered: the perception and the evaluation (in terms of gains and losses) of recent changes that have occurred in a person’s life; the perception of major turning points throughout life; and the memory of socio-historical events or changes. To date, 14 countries are part of the project: six in Europe, six in the Americas and two in Asia. In each country, a standardized questionnaire is submitted to about 600 adults across five age groups.

The talk will focus on these individuals’ memories: What socio-historical changes and events have occurred during these people’s lives that remain particularly striking? Are those memories structured according to age, in terms of generational differences?

The lecture, which will take place at noon in Mather Memorial 201, will address these questions and more.