doctor or researcher examining MRI brain scans

Research Associate Marwa Ismail’s work featured on the cover of American Journal of Neuroradiology

Brain Image Computing Laboratory Research Associate Marwa Ismail’s work was featured on the cover of the December 2018 issue of the American Journal of Neuroradiology.

Pallavi Tiwari, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, led the work, performed in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Their paper was titled “Shape Features of the Lesion Habitat to Differentiate Brain Tumor Progression from Pseudoprogression on Routine Multiparametric MRI: A Multisite Study.”

The paper’s authors were:

  • M. Ismail;
  • V. Hill;
  • V. Statsevych;
  • R. Huang;
  • P. Prasanna;
  • R. Correa;
  • G. Singh;
  • K. Bera;
  • N. Beig;
  • R. Thawani;
  • A. Madabhushi;
  • M. Aahluwalia; and
  • P. Tiwari.

View the cover and read the paper.