Request for Proposals for the Case Cancer Disparities Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Specialized Program of Research Excellence in Cancer Disparities (Disparities SPORE) invites all Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) faculty members to submit Concept Proposals for consideration to ultimately be incorporated as full projects in the Case Cancer Disparities SPORE P50 application.

Opportunities will include:

  • the possibility of funding as a full Project in the next year of the P20 Disparities SPORE;
  • opportunities for start-up support from the Disparities SPORE pilot project program commencing September 2020;
  • opportunities for inclusion as a full project proposed in the SPORE competing renewal proposal that will be submitted in September 2020.

All proposals must be directed toward translational research focused on mechanisms involving a cancer disparity. At least one specific aim must involve direct study of patients or of consented human tissues as defined in RFA PAR-14-353.

Completed proposals are due January 20, 2020.

View proposal guidelines.