Photo of a newly renovated path on Case Quad lined by trees

Renovations and updates to Case Quad, Binary Walkway

As Commencement Week’s final three diploma ceremonies conclude Sunday, members of the Case Western Reserve University community should keep in mind that work on construction and renovation projects will begin the following day (Monday, May 22) . 

Note: Some of the schedules and guidance that follows may change with additional development; in such instances, The Daily will update the community as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the most current directions to follow are those posted on signs adjacent to the work. 

About the renovations

Case Quad

The work that begins Monday, May 22 is expected to continue throughout the summer. Specifically, the area between Glennan/White buildings and Bingham will be closed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians and deliveries will be rerouted around Bingham or through the  side entrances closest to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Crews will post detour signage and establish a temporary pedestrian path along Van Horn Field.

Construction also will take place in front of the main entrances of the Wickenden, Rockefeller, A.W. Smith, Sears and Bingham buildings, as well as within the Quad’s central sidewalk area between the Sears and Strosaker buildings.

During work on the roofs of the A.W. Smith and Schmitt buildings, certain areas will be blocked off for cranes and materials. These projects will be done sequentially to minimize disruption.

Binary Walkway

Upgrades to the Binary Walkway also start Monday and are expected to continue through Friday, Aug. 4. Crews will install new pavers over a new and stronger base to prevent cracking.

The sidewalk running from the north side of Adelbert Hall to Adelbert Road—parallel to Euclid Avenue and near the CWRU wall—will also be closed for the duration of the work. The current asphalt will be replaced with new concrete, and signage will direct pedestrians safely around all construction.  

Directly West of Yost Hall

A drill rig will be on Case Quad in front of Yost Hall Monday through Wednesday (May 22-25). Workers will use the equipment to perform soil testing as part of preparations for the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building planned for the location. Pedestrians near the building should follow signage directing them to alternate routes.