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Reminder from HR: Staff members must use extra vacation days by June 30

University staff members are reminded that they can carry over as much vacation as they accrue in one year (i.e. an employee earning 16 days—128 hours—per year can carry over 16 days). Any balance of hours over the yearly accrual amount must be used by June 30, or it will be lost.

The number of vacation hours earned per month is based on an employee’s salary grade, number of hours worked per week and length of service. View the Calculating Vacation Days chart on the Human Resources vacation policy page for information on how much time an employee earns per year.

Staff also are reminded that after they complete orientation, they receive one floating holiday that must be used that fiscal year. If unused, the floating holiday will not roll over to the following year.

Any employee who needs assistance calculating their vacation balance should contact the Department of Human Resources at