Relax with meditation practice service offered through Wellness Program

It can take as little as five minutes a day to improve health and feelings of well-being with a meditation practice. To encourage the campus community to add a meditation practice to their self-care routine, the Wellness Program has teamed up with Health Journeys to offer “Take Five to Relax, Focus, Energize, Meditations to Enhance Your Well-being.”

Through the service, community members will find nine meditations, offering tools for breath work, body scan, guided experiences and more. Each one can be accessed anywhere with internet access, meaning participants can listen at their desks, on their phones while taking a break outside—even when prepping for sleep at night. The site features world-class practitioners like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Francoise Adan. Members of the community are invited to share the link with family members so that everyone can benefit from regular practice.

The Wellness Program’s original Relax Line (216.368.3999) is still available. The Relax Line offers two short meditations and three longer options. The Relax Line details can be found at the bottom of the “Take Five to Relax” webpage.