Registration open for free, on-campus nicotine cessation program

quit-smokingAs part of the Ease@Work Wellness Program, the university will sponsor a nicotine cessation series, which will include guided sessions for making a plan to quit and setting a quit date.

The program is facilitated by Valerie Clause, a smoking cessation program facilitator certified by the American Lung Association. It is open to any individual who has the desire to end their nicotine use and will include:

  • An assessment of an individual’s readiness to end nicotine use
  • Identification of personalized motivations and obstacles
  • The development of awareness techniques to avoid possible triggers
  • A step-by-step program for ending nicotine use through self-discovery and group support, including behavior change, importance of good nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Participants should plan on attending all eight, one-hour sessions that will take place in the Biomedical Research Building 105 on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 p.m., beginning Nov. 6 (end date to be announced).  The entire schedule can be found online.

The program requires no out-of-pocket cost, but registration to Valerie Clause at or 216.325.9323 is required.

Descriptions of other cessation resources can be found at the smoking cessation webpage.