Registrar’s office offers new Program Action Form

The Office of the University Registrar has replaced the former Action Form for Majors/Minors/Programs/Sequences/Degrees with an electronic process using a new Program Action Form (PAF). The new process will:

  • Allow for easier collaboration in proposing/editing programs;
  • Facilitate complete proposals;
  • Automate workflow;
  • Show and track edits and comments, making review and status of proposals easy to follow; and
  • Synchronize updates with the General Bulletin.

The new PAF is now live, and has a webpage with support resources. Scheduled training sessions will be held the week of Oct. 11. In addition to guides and information about the new process, there is a request form you can complete if you would like an information session for your area.

While this new process is expected to be easier and more efficient, the Office of the University Registrar understands that there are some paper/PDF forms currently in progress that will be completed using the prior process. New submissions should follow the new PAF process.