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Reducing Zoom-related telephone charges for the university

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased Zoom usage on campus, causing an unanticipated surge in Zoom-related phone charges. Toll-free and “Call Out/Call Me” minutes used in Zoom meetings are billed back to the university. In an effort to control costs, [U]Tech removed the toll-free number from most Zoom meeting notices as of Saturday, March 28. The toll-free number listed in meetings scheduled before March 28 will continue to work. If you need a toll-free number added to a Zoom meeting, contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at 216.368.4357 or

There will still be instances where the Zoom 877 toll-free number will appear in meetings. Whenever possible, please use computer audio to connect to the meeting If you must call in, use a toll number instead of toll-free. See the Zoom Toll-Free Q&A for more information.

There is often no additional charge for using a toll phone number, as most cell phones and many landline plans have unlimited talk minutes. However, using the Zoom toll-free number will always incur additional charges for the university.

[U]Tech also removed the “Call Out/Call Me” feature for campus Zoom users as of Saturday, March 28. Computer audio and calling in via phone are still options. If you feel the “Call Out/Call Me” is an important feature for your meetings due to your particular use of Zoom, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at 216.368.4357 or to request an exception.