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Reduce your energy consumption to help your residence hall group win sustainability competition

Would you be ready if the zombie apocalypse were upon us and Case Western Reserve University was without electricity? The Office for Sustainability, Student Sustainability Council and Residence Hall Association are hosting an energy reduction competition to help you prepare.

Residence halls on North Side , South Side and The Village (including Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall) will all be pitted against each other to see who can reduce their energy consumption the most for two weeks through Nov. 14.

To help your team win, take the stairs instead of the elevator, turn off lights, unplug chargers and other devices, turn down your thermostat, wash your clothes in cold water—anything you can do to unplug and conserve.

The winning residence hall group will win an outdoor, unplugged party to be held on the evening of Friday, Nov. 18, with a cookout, s’mores and free long sleeved tees (for the first 200 participants).

Residence hall energy use updates will be posted at