RecycleMania in full swing; learn recycling tips, how to get involved

RecycleMania, the annual eight-week competition between 550 colleges and universities across the country challenging schools to reduce waste and increase recycling, is in full swing.

The competition kicked off Feb. 5 and runs through March 31.

This is the university’s fourth year taking part in RecycleMania. To do your part, follow these steps:

  • Know your CWRU recycling facts:
    • Plastic, glass and metal go into one bin together. Rinse if possible & separate lids. This bin can contain all plastic containers, metal cans and unbroken glass bottles and jars.
    • Paper: All paper that tears goes in a bin together; white paper should not be separated from colored. Keep it clean and dry.
    • Corrugated cardboard (with the wavy inner layer): Empty, flatten and place between the bins.
    • Trash (if all else fails): Be sure to keep it out of the recycling bins to not spoil the load.