Do you have questions about best practices for research sample collection, processing, storage and analysis?

The Dahm’s Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) analytical laboratory at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is part of the Clinical Research Center under the direction of Dr. Grace McComsey. The DCRU lab provides all of the services listed below:

  • Extensive experience running ELISA assays for a variety of analytes and sample types
  • Assays go through a rigorous quality check before results are delivered
  • Quality control samples are analyzed in every assay
  • Samples are run in duplicate
  • Study start-up consultation
  • DNA extractions
  • PBMC isolation
  • Sample processing
  • Sample aliquoting to reduce freeze-thaw cycles
  • Long term sample storage in 24/7 monitored -70° freezers

All of these services are offered on a reasonable fee-for-service basis. The DCRU also provides research-trained nurses, bionutritionists and informatics specialists to support clinical trials in a culturally sensitive, welcoming clinical research unit. If any of these services are of interest to you, please feel free to contact Sarah Scott (