Public Affairs Discussion Group to cover police use of deadly force

headshot of Kevin NietertThe Public Affairs Discussion Group will welcome Kevin Nietert, South Euclid chief of police, to its Friday meeting for a talk titled “When the Police Use Deadly Force.” The group will meet Feb. 28 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Kelvin Smith Library’s Dampeer Room.

During the discussion, Nietert will address the topic of police officers’ behavior when confronting members of the public whom they, or other members of the public, fear are dangerous. Among the issues are how police are trained; how they are hired; tendencies to rally around each other and reject criticism; and what it is like to work in situations that involve danger and uncertainty.

How can problems like those that seem to have occurred in Ferguson, Mo., Staten Island, N.Y., and Cleveland be corrected? Nietert will provide his perspective. He has served as chief since 2007 and in the department since 1986.

Since 1989, faculty, emeriti, students and staff have gathered on Fridays for a brown-bag lunch and to discuss topics in public affairs.

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