Headshot of Ben Vinson, former George Washington University dean and new provost at Case Western Reserve
Photo: Courtesy of George Washington University.

Provost Ben Vinson to welcome students on Friday with free ice cream

Case Western Reserve University’s new provost and executive vice president, Ben Vinson III, is ready to greet students with a warm welcome—in the form of cold ice cream.

Vinson and other staff members will pass out free Mitchell’s Pack N Go ice cream scoops on the binary walkway Friday, Sept. 7, beginning at 12:15 p.m. until the ice cream runs out.

“I’ve seen some of our fantastic students at orientation, others at the gym, and some have come through Adelbert Hall,” Vinson said of why he wanted to hold an ice cream party. “But this is an opportunity to meet some of our great student body while enjoying a delicious treat.”

The provost is the university’s chief academic officer, responsible for providing leadership that supports all aspects of the academic enterprise of Case Western Reserve and assuring that resources are aligned with the academic goals of the university.

All Case Western Reserve students are encouraged to stop by beginning at 12:15 p.m. to snag a scoop and meet Provost Vinson.