Photo of Provost and Executive Vice President Ben Vinson III
Provost Ben Vinson

Provost Ben Vinson III elected vice president of the American Historical Association’s Research Division

Case Western Reserve University Provost and Executive Vice President Ben Vinson III has been elected vice president of the Research Division of the American Historical Association (AHA). 

According to AHA Executive Director James Grossman, Vinson will play an integral role in promoting historical scholarship and facilitating historical research. 

“His thoughtful judgement will enhance the work of the American Historical Association’s governing Council,” Grossman said.

The American Historical Association is the oldest and largest society of historians and professors of history in the United States, representing more than 12,000 members. Founded in 1884, the association provides leadership for the discipline by protecting academic freedom, developing professional standards, supporting scholarship and innovative teaching, and helping to sustain and enhance the work of historians.

The AHA’s Research Division oversees 31 prizes, four research grants and three fellowships.  

“I’m thrilled to have been elected to this post at the AHA,” Vinson said. “Like most historians I have long admired and respected the work of the AHA and I’m very excited to begin this role.”

Vinson’s term will officially begin in January 2021 at a time of flux and change for the AHA, as the organization grapples with the realities and challenges of COVID-19. 

During Vinson’s term, the Research Division will also oversee a major transition in the structure of the American Historical Review, the most widely read and cited historical journal in the world.

“This is certainly not an easy time to dive into a new leadership role,” Vinson said, “but I’m looking forward to this extraordinary opportunity, while strengthening the connections between the AHA, its international membership and research, and Case Western Reserve University.”